Saturday, April 8, 2017

Walking Field Trips for CHAMPS Classrooms

One of the wonderful things about Lakewood is the ability to walk places--we don't always need to get in the car!  This easy access also provides great learning and entertainment opportunities for Lakewood students.

Last Friday, all six of the homerooms for students with moderate-intensive special needs (sometimes known as CHAMPS classes) braved the snowy weather to walk to the Beck Center for a "sensory-friendly" (meaning lighting, noise, etc., were adjusted to make people with sensitivities to those things more comfortable) performance of The Ugly Duckling ballet.  The students--and adults--enjoyed the performance. Notably, two Horace Mann students (Carys Crone [2nd Grade] and Milena Osborne [4th Grade]) performed in the show (pictured) and HMES student teacher Mrs. Jessica Farmer stage managed the performance.  Love those Lakewood connections!

In other walking field trip news, several CHAMPS classrooms are strolling over to The Dollar Store on Sloan Ave. with a dollar in their pocket and an item from the classroom shopping list.  This is great practice with many, many skills.  While most students go to the store with their parents, this is a whole new level of responsibility!  Kudos to Horace Mann Speech Therapist Mrs. Ellen McCafferty and her student teacher, Ms. Chelsea Girash for planning and leading the trips :-)

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