Sunday, June 11, 2017

Closing 2016-17 and Looking Ahead

I hope you've enjoyed reading the blog this year, perhaps on Twitter or Facebook.  Writing it is a fulfilling experience,  as it provides the perfect opportunity to showcase celebrations and many of the neat things at happen at Horace Mann.

One last thing to share for the 2016-17 school year is the photo below of Mrs. Cramer's 1st graders hosting Mrs. Sloan's kindergarteners for a Q & A about what to expect in 1st grade.  I was impressed by the questions and the answers, too, covering topics such as reading, math, and classroom routines. Of course, the rising 1st graders wanted to know about lunch & recess--but who doesn't want to know when they'll have time for a break with friends?!
Thank you for a wonderful school year, across the board.  I wish each member of the Horace Mann family a safe, fun summer break.  Take advantage of all Lakewood has to offer and tell me all about it in August!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Talent Show and Field Day - So Much Fun!

As we zoom ever-closer to the end of the 2016-17 school year, each day boasts something special.  I know parents are enjoying the posts some of the teachers are making to their social media apps--such as Seesaw--with lots of great pictures.  Watch for more teachers at Horace Mann to start using Seesaw next year...

I'd like to celebrate the students who performed in the talent show.  Big thanks to Mr. Waryk, Mrs. McCafferty, and Mrs. Morris (as well as several parent volunteers) for organizing the whole show! A huge highlight was the emcee services provided by 5th grader Jalen Brown (pictured)--he has a future in show business if he wants it :)  Here is the "playbill:"

Leom Gabriel:  Karate
Alden Therrien, Olivia Baker:  Dance
Eve Lewis:  Guitar
Helen Alcantar, Annabelle McBride, Ellie Onyak, Owen Daggs, David Baker:  Magic
Piper Crislip:  Piano
Yanna Bonner:  Dance
Evelyn Lardi:  Singing
Lily Tabor:  Gymnastics
Ayla French, Alaina Parker, Milena Osborn, Baylee Deetz:  Dance
Jeremy Frolo:  Piano
Joanna Wright:  Irish Reel Dance
Carys Crone:  Tap

We also had an amazing blue-sky day for Field Day 2017.  Thank you to Mr. Karabaic and Mr. Hyclak, as well as all Horace Mann staff who participated and the MANY parents who volunteered to help!  The day was made "ful-filling" by the generous picnic lunch donated by PTA and other parents to culminate students' safe, respectful, responsible behavior during the 4th quarter.

There are sure to be great snapshots of Field Day on the Horace Mann PTA Facebook page--be sure to check it out!

Friday, May 19, 2017

So Many Kinds of Fun at Horace Mann!

The special events at Horace Mann came in all shapes and sizes this week!  We had an opportunity to learn about keeping our eyes safe with Realeyes classroom presentations provided by the Ohio Optometric Society (this explains why your child may have come home with a new pair of sunglasses).  We thank Ms. Wise (pictured below) for coming to our school for the lessons.

Next up were fun activities for The Lemonade War.  Thanks to our PTA, we had a lemonade stand for Horace Mann students on Thursday at recess.  It was a perfect - HOT - day and the kids drank it up :-)  There was also a Drop Everything and Read as well as daily prize drawings...

The K-Kids had their final meeting for the 2017-18 school year and showed their community spirit with a neighborhood cleanup.  Parent volunteers made this possible, and the ice pops to cool down afterwards were appreciated by all.

Last but not least was our Spring Concert.  It was another amazing show, thanks to the students' talent and energy, the instruction and coaching of Mr. Waryk (K-5 Music Teacher) and Ms. Mallchok (Orchestra and Adapted Music Teacher), and the support and enthusiasm of kids' families.  Thank yous all around for a wonderful performance and community-building event!

Finally, good luck to our Girls on the Run as they participate in the 5K in Akron with over 1,000 girls from northeast Ohio on Saturday, May 20th. 

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Bagels and Reading Go Great Together!

At Horace Mann, we know that family involvement in our school brings big benefits for everyone.  So, we are always looking for new reasons to invite adults to visit!  The latest event was the Family Reading Breakfast, held on May 11th before school.

Our art room was full to capacity with students, parents, siblings and even a neighbor or two who came to play reading games and find some resources to support reading at home.  The atmosphere was lively, yet definitely on task with reading activities and conversations.

Big thanks to our Horace Mann reading specialists Heather Phillips and Katie Testen, as well as our Family Resource Coordinator, Therese Schwind, for hosting the event.  Also, we appreciate the generosity of Einstein Bros Bagels (14615 Detroit Ave. in Lakewood) for their donation of bagels. Delish!

Here are a few pictures from the event:

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Congratulations to Jalen and Jason!

     Each year, the Cuyahoga County Educational Service Center invites nominations for Excellence in Education.  Last Friday, two students from Horace Mann were honored at the Annual Excellence in Education Awards Recognizing Students with Disabilities, and Educators.  

     We are very proud of Jalen Brown and Jason Lowe who were honored at the breakfast, along with the staff members who referred them (Ellen McCafferty and Cristina Smith).  Lakewood City Schools were well-represented at the event with students, family, and staff members from many of our school buildings.

     Great work, Jalen and Jason, and kudos to the adults who took the time to nominate them!

Jalen Brown - 5th Grade
Jason Lowe - 2nd Grade

Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Lemonade War is On!

After a week of clues to build anticipation, Horace Mann kicked off our 2nd annual One School, One Book challenge on Friday afternoon.  There was plenty of work behind the scenes in order to stage this fun "reading pep rally," so BIG thanks to the following:

Horace Mann PTA--Prizes and preparation
Lakewood Schools Technology Department
Mrs. Chanter, Mrs. Phillips, Miss Testen, Mrs. McCafferty, Mrs. Kehn, Mrs. Harkness, Mrs. Robinson, Mr. Atkins and Mrs. Johnson--Planning and skit

Each student received a packet with tickets to participate in daily prize drawings for reading one chapter each night, and each family received one copy of The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies. As the first book in a series, we hope your family will be hooked!

Here are a few pictures from the controlled chaos in our gym on Friday afternoon:

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Walking Field Trips for CHAMPS Classrooms

One of the wonderful things about Lakewood is the ability to walk places--we don't always need to get in the car!  This easy access also provides great learning and entertainment opportunities for Lakewood students.

Last Friday, all six of the homerooms for students with moderate-intensive special needs (sometimes known as CHAMPS classes) braved the snowy weather to walk to the Beck Center for a "sensory-friendly" (meaning lighting, noise, etc., were adjusted to make people with sensitivities to those things more comfortable) performance of The Ugly Duckling ballet.  The students--and adults--enjoyed the performance. Notably, two Horace Mann students (Carys Crone [2nd Grade] and Milena Osborne [4th Grade]) performed in the show (pictured) and HMES student teacher Mrs. Jessica Farmer stage managed the performance.  Love those Lakewood connections!

In other walking field trip news, several CHAMPS classrooms are strolling over to The Dollar Store on Sloan Ave. with a dollar in their pocket and an item from the classroom shopping list.  This is great practice with many, many skills.  While most students go to the store with their parents, this is a whole new level of responsibility!  Kudos to Horace Mann Speech Therapist Mrs. Ellen McCafferty and her student teacher, Ms. Chelsea Girash for planning and leading the trips :-)