Saturday, March 28, 2015

Horace Mann Helping Hands: Sheila Sabol

Mrs. Sabol is always ready to help!
Here at Horace Mann, we are very fortunate to have many, MANY, caring adults who work to ensure our students well-being.  Recently, our PTA nominated one of those people--Health Aide Sheila Sabol--for the PTA Helping Hands Award.

The Helping Hands award is for PTA members who work on behalf of children, but are not teachers.  The Horace Mann PTA Awards Committee (Mrs. Nora Katzenberger, Chair) nominated Mrs. Sabol because of the way she goes above-and-beyond in meeting the health needs of our students.

She shows kindness and compassion for all students, and has a great knack for working with our students with moderate-intensive special needs (many of whom require daily medical attention). When a student is injured during the school day, it is not uncommon for her to call the parent in the evening to see how the child is doing.  She even was awarded a PTA Mini-Grant this year, in order to organize and provide clothing for kids who might need something clean and dry during the school day.

Mrs. Sabol has medical training above the level required for her current position (she is a certified phlebotomy technician).  She has worked in health centers in Lakewood Schools for eight years, serving at Grant, Hayes and--fortunately for us--Horace Mann.

Thank you, Mrs. Sabol, for all the ways your hands help us when we need it the most!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Horace Mann Choir - Elementary Choral Festival

On Wednesday evening, the 4th and 5th Grade Horace Mann Choir, directed by Mr. Aaron Waryk, participated in the Lakewood Elementary Choral Festival at the Lakewood Civic Auditorium.  As you can tell by the picture, it is quite a large event!

The theme this year was A Century of Music, and Horace Mann represented the 1960s with Stand By Me.

All seven elementary schools are represented,  and the performance consists of songs sung by the individual choirs and all of the vocalists together.  Even though they had just one whole group rehearsal, the students blended beautifully on the combination numbers.

 There were some extra special treats, too, when two high school groups performed, as well as the music teachers, themselves!  Congratulations to this year's Horace Mann Choir members for a very nice performance:  Darcy Hogg, Grace Hoppel, Isabella Fallon, Kevin Coffman, Mackenzie Moraco, Bridget Severino, Charlie Ditchman, Jessica Sycz, Jessica Twardesky, Joe Twardesky, Mia Condosta,  Tyerra Thompson, Alexandra Horton, Edan Zmijewski, Emilie Walkush, Jennifer Sycz, Michael Bianco, Ornela Beqiri, Samantha Facaros, Sophie Craciun, Ceci Miller, Coreen Chambers, Erin Lavelle, Fiona Loudermilk, Jonas Evans, Kasey Darnell, Lily Monahan, Madeline Rybak, Megan SUlak, Rachel Johnson, Rinesa Beqiri, Yasmine Zaeed and Sebastian Desilets.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Gangnam Style & Cupcakes? It's the Horace Mann Spring Party!

Horace Mann was the place to be on Friday night for the PTA's annual Spring Party!  It was a big affair, taking over the gym, hallway and cafeteria for a multi-room bash.

In the gym, the DJ was playing great tunes--including Gangnam Style--and the kids (and some adults) had a great time dancing.  It must be said, however, that for lots of kids, dancing looked like running full speed around the gym :-)

The hallway was filled with the Scholastic Book Fair and sales were brisk.  Kids and parents browsed all kinds of books, as well as posters and novelty items like invisible pens.  Kudos to Mrs. Wendy Hoppel and her crew for organizing the sale and being on duty at the cash register from 3:00 - 8:00 pm (and then cleaning up afterwards).

There was more fun in the cafeteria, where the PTA had a variety of great food items:  pizza, rice krispie treats, and Twizzlers seemed to be among the faves.  One of the highlights of the party is the infamous Cake Walk.  Kids enter this game  of musical chairs by paying with a raffle ticket.  Whoever wins the round gets to pick a cake or cupcakes from the donated baked goods.  There was some serious competition and seriously bright pink frosting, too.

The evening was topped off with an elaborate raffle.  Items were donated by local businesses (such as the Beck Center and The Cleveland Indians) as well as Horace Mann families, and were combined into themed baskets.  Although only a fraction of the ticket buyers took home prizes, everyone reveled in the anticipation as the DJ called the numbers.

PTA would like to thank the high school volunteers from H20 for helping out at the Spring Party this year.  Their assistance helped everything run smoothly amidst the chaos.  Special thanks goes to Mrs. Sandy Twardesky and Mrs. Beth Kiraly-Bratko for organizing this big event.  It was a blast!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Adapted Toy Donation

     Fact:  Kids like toys.  Another fact:  Kids outgrow toys and they can be re-purposed.  Fact #3:  Some kids have physical limitations that prevent them from playing with some toys.  Final fact:  There are clever people out there who can help!

     Thanks to connections made by Horace Mann Speech Teacher Mrs. Ellen McCafferty, our students received a generous donation of adapted toys this week.  As you can see in the pictures, the toys have been adapted with switches, allowing accessibility for students with impaired motor skills.  Mrs. McCafferty has begun putting these toys in the hands of students, and they are a big hit!

     We are grateful to RePlay for Kids for sending us these resources.  If you are interested in learning more about RePlay for Kids, here is the link to their website: