Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Hamster for Horace Mann...and a Few Other Things

Lots of big events this week at Horace Mann!  For the second consecutive year, our students with moderate-intensive disabilities were fortunate to experience Adapted Kids Love Musicals via a grant.  Our students enjoyed singing, dancing and using props such as elephant ears and tiger caps to perform The Jungle Book.  Thank you to The Musical Theater Project for finding a way to bring this amazing program to us again this year, free of charge.

Sticking with music, Mr. Waryk and Ms. Mallchok, our music teachers, outdid themselves with a trip around the world for our Spring Concert.  We were delighted to hear children singing in many different languages!  The 2nd/3rd  and 4th/5th grade choirs are really building their musical talents, impressing us all!  Keep singing everyone, you sound terrific :-)  Thanks, too, to the families who packed our gym to capacity once again.  A video link to the concert will be shared in about a week, and you can also view plenty of great photos on the Horace Mann PTA Facebook page.

Finally, we had a big pep rally to kick off our very first One School, One Book event.  With appearances by the St. Ed's Trash Talkers drum corps., LHS Cheerleaders, Ranger Man and a life-size hamster--all doing the Hamster Dance--it was a rockin' good time!  We owe thanks to Grant School for walking over to join the party, Mrs. Chanter for emceeing, all the staff who planned the event, and PTA for preparing the book packets to go home.  Now, families, it is your turn:  please be sure to read with your child each night and complete the ticket so s/he can be entered to win a prize.  We hope you'll follow the event blog as well (watch for the link in your student's backpack).  Our new school pet hamster (named Humphrey, of course), will be spending time in classrooms for the rest of the school year.  He's a cutie!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Donuts with Moms...Served by Dads!

Who doesn't like a good donut?  This week, a long and successful tradition of inviting parents to school to have a morning donut--with juice and coffee, of course--had a fun new twist.  Some things were the same as usual:  donuts from The Donut Pantry, coffee from The Root, and kids drooling for a Long John, donut with sprinkles or a chocolate cake sinker.   Hmmm, what was different, you ask?

Well, as we know, Donuts with Dads took place in the fall, and the PTA served everyone.  As is usually the case with PTA, that meant moms behind the serving tables.  This time around, it was the moms' turn to eat and have fun, while our thriving All Pro Dads group (led by Kevin Rush) did the work!  In addition to Mr. Rush, we thank volunteers Keith Kopko (pictured with son, Nathan), Matthew Gronn, Shawn Dubecky, Paul Pierce and Evan Meredith (not pictured).

As principal of Horace Mann, I love these days when family members come to school to socialize and have fun with their kids and neighbors.  Thank you so much, PTA, All Pro Dads, family members and teachers for making this event a big success and time of community-building for our school!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Students Visit The Beck; Firemen Visit The Mann

According to the Beck Center's website, "Princess Scargo" is the touching story of young Native American girl who gives up a precious birthday gift in order to save her village. Based on a popular Native American legend, this enchanting adaptation embodies the true spirit of selflessness. 

Horace Mann students made a connection with Princess Scargo this week in two ways.  First, a few of our students performed in this play.  Then, on Friday, all of the students in our homerooms for students with moderate-intensive disabilities took a walking filed trip to our neighbor, The Beck Center, to watch a "sensory-friendly" version of the show.  Students and staff alike enjoyed this free performance.  Thank you, Beck!

Our 3rd graders also had a special lesson this week when the Lakewood Fire Department brought their "fire safety house" to Horace Mann.  Fire Marshal Tim Dunphy explained that 3rd grade is the right time to give kids details about what to do in case of a fire at home.  Each student went into the trailer outfitted as a miniature house and experienced climbing out of the trailer amidst fake (harmless) smoke, going directly to the pre-designated meeting place.   Big thank yous to all the firefighters who came out to work with our eager students.

We are fortunate to have so many amazing amenities right in our own little corner of Lakewood!  Thank you!


Saturday, April 9, 2016

Point of Sale? Yeah, We Got That!

This week, the students at Horace Mann demonstrated their ability to learn and adapt in a new location:  the cafeteria line.  While the food and faces are the same, what is different is the checkout process.  Our cashier, Mrs. K., has a big new touch screen and the kids are keying in a 6 digit PIN on the pad next to the touch screen.  How grown up!!

Students had practice opportunities during recess and they have a card with their number on it when it is time to check out.  That said, many kids have already memorized their numbers, speeding the line up (which is one of the main goals of using the PIN system).

Parents received a letter about the Point of Sale system a couple weeks back.  Part of the letter described new payment methods as well as the process students use to purchase breakfast, lunch, milk and snack.  If you are interested in reviewing the parent letter again, here is the link:

If you have any questions about Point of Sale, please feel free to contact the Horace Mann Office (216.529.4257) or Nutrition Services (216.529.4156).  Bon Appetite!