Friday, June 3, 2016

Thank You for a Wonderful Year at Horace Mann

     As I review this year's blog entries, I am in total awe of the wonderful year we had at Horace Mann. Our students grew academically, socially and physically.  Staff members worked hard, blending tried-and-true techniques with new curricula and their ever-present love for children.  Parents and other volunteers became involved at unprecedented levels, supporting the work of the students and teachers.  And we had fun, too!

     This was my 20th year of service in public education here in Ohio--thank you for making 2015-16 the best year yet.  The challenges and rewards of being principal of Horace Mann are second-to-none, and I look forward to returning in August to continue our work--and play--together.

     Have a safe and satisfying summer!

Dr. Merritt Waters