Saturday, June 6, 2015

Horace Mann's Got Talent!


We knew from the PILE of audition slips turned in that this was going to be a great year for the Horace Mann Talent Show!  In the end, 16 acts were chosen to perform on Friday afternoon in front of a live, whole school audience --  along with family members of the performers.


Big thank yous go to the adults who made this show possible:  HMES Staff Members:   Ellen McCafferty and Aaron Waryk
Parent Volunteers:  Heather Facaros, Wendy Hoppel, Laura George, and Melanie Condosta (please forgive me if I've left anyone off this list)

Here are the Star Performers:

  • Camden Fegely, 2nd Grade, Playing Piano     
  • Emma Kelly and Bayley Deetz, 2nd Grade, Magic Act
  • Nathan Breuwer, 1st Grade, Singing
  • Nathan Lardi, 1st Grade, Karate Kata
  • Ivan Kekic, 3rd Grade, Dinosaur Demonstration
  • Mackie Brown, 2nd Grade, Playing Ukulele
  • Mia Condosta, Helen Hylton, Grace Hoppel Jenna Mahmoud, Inga Wilhelmy, Cameron Robertson, Maya Stewart and Miles Watts, 4th and 5th Grade, Jumping Rope  
  • Anika Kekic, 1st Grade, Singing with Tambourine
  • Reagan Bratko, Grace Bratko, and Olivia Diemert, 3rd Grade, Skit
  • Shannon Katzenberger, 2nd Grade, Playing Piano
  • Katelynn Sparks, Madison Civille, Megan Sulak, Erin Lavelle, Jillian Jaroszewicz, Karleigh Estep, and Coreen Chambers, 1st - 5th Grades, Gymnastics and Hula Hoop
  • Zoe Fitzgibbons, 2nd Grade, Singing
  • Stella Ziegler, 2nd Grade, Playing Piano
  • Aidan Maxwell, 3rd Grade, Singing
  • Joanna Wright, 2nd Grade, Irish Dancing
  • Maddy Rybak, 4th Grade, Singing
Great job, everyone!